Communication is one of the most important things in any organization. Announcements at our general meetings, newsletters, e-mails, and this web site are what we use to make sure our members know what's going on.

Newsletter. Our newsletter, Trail Tales, is produced monthly. To save on paper, copying and postage fees, newsletters are provided in PDF file format. A link to the newsletter is sent out each month when the newsletter is ready. Adobe Reader is needed to open and read the file. Most computers have Adobe Reader installed on them. If yours does not, it is available free.

Mailing List. We use an email list to communicate guild business and occasionally send a paid ad. All of our members are added to our email list by the person responsible for membership. Only paid members are included on the email list. The list is private, and membership email addresses are never shared.

Bulletin Board at Meetings. Free for members who have quilt related announcements or items for sale, etc. Contact our hospitality coordinator ( for more information.

Advertising. Businesses and members may purchase quilt-related ads in the guilds newsletter or send an ad to the guild's email list. See the Advertising Form for current rates, and to submit an ad. If you have questions, contact information is included on the form.

How to make friends

CTQG would love to be a small, cozy organization where everyone knows each other, but unfortunately we are just too big an organization for this to happen. We're relying on you to make the social connections that meet your needs.

Our guild meetings exist primarily to report to our members what's going on in our guild and present programs. Socializing, as you know, is best done in small groups. With around 200 members, meeting people with your same interests is difficult. Here's four suggestions for meeting people in our guild:

  1. Join a bee. Contact our bee coordinator ( for more information.
  2. Take a workshop. It's the same kind of social sewing as a bee, but you have a shared background, the workshop project. See our workshop page for upcoming workshops.
  3. Serve on our board, or help a coordinator. You can contact anyone on our board and say "I'm interested in this position, can I assist you and learn the ropes?". See the Contacts page for all board members.
  4. Greet people at meetings. Sit next to someone you don't already know at the meetings. Be on the lookout for the name tags indicating someone is a guest or is new, and make them feel welcome. You might make a new friend!